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Do you have a story to share? 

Help us re-wild the internet with your experiences and imaginings…

The internet is sick. What should be a place of rich exchange of culture, ideas, histories and knowledge is rapidly becoming a place of corporate interest and convenience shopping. Even our social interactions are hosted on sites that use our data to sell us things we’re simultaneously wired to want. But we want to change that. We’re attempting to re-wild the internet and we need your help! 

Here’s the metaphor, one that we hope will change the way you think about and use the network. If you think of the internet as precisely that: a web created by the lines of travel from one site to another and dots where those routes meet, you can start to build a landscape. These interlocking paths form a mesh, a skin that binds virtual destinations and forms the terrain of the internet. It has helped us to think about what the landscape of the internet looks like and how healthy it is. It’s quite easy to imagine the big 8 sites as being agricultural giants, ploughing our data in clean mechanised rows. It’s much harder to identify the biodiverse areas. Places of cultural importance where a slow and natural process of symbiotic exchange can happen.


Stories are our cure. Telling our histories and imagining alternate realities is what it means to be human. Fiction is how we make sense of the world and build the reality we want. These recorded stories will be coded into an interactive website, rendered to look like a growing digital marshland. By highlighting the connections between ideas, we can grow an alternate network of imagined, archived histories and lived experience. The marshland will act as a virtual bio-rich environment, an oasis in the mono-cultured and industrialised landscape of the internet.

Tell us, and the network, your story. Share your ideas, thoughts, memories or creations. Weave us a yarn and connect with other people. 

Take a look at the images we’ve provided below. We hope these might act as a trigger for your imagination, or your memory.

Decide on a story, recollection or fantasy you’d like to tell. 
It can be any length, about any subject and in any style. 

You can send it to us in a few ways:

  • as a text piece 

  • an audio recording

  • a video recording

  • a skype conversation with us


Images courtesy of Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery's archive and friends of Dartmoor National Park. 

Thank You

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